Certificate In Special & Inclusive Education (CSIE)

Programme Structure:

This Certificate in Inclusive & Special Education is a 10-week course, conducted online, face-to-face live-streaming via zoom platform. This is a foundational course for beginners who have no prior knowledge in teaching children with special educational needs (SEN). The course is designed to train participants to gain basic fundamental knowledge and teaching approaches in teaching children with SEN. Participants will be equipped with important fundamentals, pedagogy supported by research findings, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement classroom strategies in an inclusive or special education classroom.

The course begins with an introduction to special and inclusive education, identification of characteristics of disabilities/SEN, effective practices and behavior management, and the fundamental principles in the inclusive education continuum. Lecture notes, reading materials and teaching videos will be included.

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Participants will be able to identify the categories of learners with special needs and disabilities.

Participants will be able to identify effective practices in teaching children with SEN ~ particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, slow learning, Global Developmental Delayed (GDD).

Participants will be able to demonstrate basic skills in implementing effective practices in inclusive and special education settings.

Special needs teaching course

Programme Outline:

Module 1 : Introduction in Special Education

This module studies the services of special education in various countries, its policies, history, challenges and latest development in global and local settings. This module will provide participants with the understanding of disability model, framework in special needs education, the roles of a multidisciplinary team in working with children with SEN.

Module 2 : Characteristics of Differently-Abled Learners

This module studies the characteristics, identification, evaluation of disabilities and special educational needs in children. Participants will learn various types of assessments for diagnosis, referral and placement. Participants will gain understanding of assessment tools and curriculum checklists used for holistic intervention planning that covers literacy, numeracy, adaptive living skills, motor skills, interpersonal, language and communication skills.

Module 3 : Effective Practices

This module covers a wide range of effective practices in teaching children who are differently-abled and with special educational needs – its theories, concepts and intervention approaches. Participants will learn about structured teaching and an overview of curriculum and lesson planning. Participants will learn effective classroom strategies in teaching literacy, numeracy, adaptive living skills, motor skills, interpersonal, language and communication skills and addressing the working memory capacity and aptitudes towards learning.

Module 4 : Behaviour & Classroom Management

This module focuses on the theories, concepts and implementation of behaviour management in classroom and community settings. Participants will learn the guiding principles and procedures in positive behaviour support, constructive classroom approaches, and behaviour modification techniques.

Module 5 : Inclusive Education Continuum

This module emphasizes on the continuum of special and inclusive education within its international and local frameworks. Topics include collaborative practices, evolution of inclusive practices with its challenges and strategies to overcome barriers, and local and international policies and legislation. Participants will learn the inclusive pedagogies across educational, transition, employment, living and housing settings.

Assesment Method:

1. Written Assignment

2. Presentation


10 weeks (30 hours)

10 Saturdays (2 Saturday/month) :

2.00 – 5.00pm Singapore time

Lecture mode:


Entry Requirement:

High school or equivalent

March Intake 2021
Course Dates :

Module 1 Introduction in Special Education 13 Mar 2021 , 27 Mar 2021
Module 2 Characteristics of Differently-Abled Learners 10 Apr 2021, 24 Apr 2021
Module 3 Effective Practices 8 May 2021, 22 May 2021
Module 4 Behaviour & Classroom Management 12 June 2021, 26 June 2021
Module 5 Inclusive Education Continuum 10 July 2021, 24 July 2021

Course Fee: Certificate in Special & Inclusive Education (CSIE)

Registration Fee: USD 150

Course Fee: USD 1550 USD 750 (Introductory Price)

Total: USD 1700 USD 900

2-Installment Payment:

1st Payment: USD 500

2nd Payment: USD 400

School of Special Education and Inclusive Education  

Only 10 weeks required to introduce you to special and inclusive education, especially catered for educators, parents, inclusive & special needs coordinators, and allied health workers who work with people with special needs. This is by far the best online introductory course for starters!

Global SEN Academy is an online academy located in Singapore that provides professional special needs teaching courses called Certificate in Special & Inclusive Education (CSIE) for people all around the world.

Throughout the years, our students include but are not limited to teachers, parents and caregivers of children with autism, dyslexia, and any sort of special needs or disabilities.

Thus, we are proud to say that we are certified experts when it comes to training parents, caregivers, or teachers to become their own experts in special needs teaching. This course is an excellent foundational course for those who are keen to embark into a meaningful and rewarding career in special and inclusive education.

Upon signing up, lectures are delivered online through live-streaming via Zoom whereas the reading materials and teaching videos will also be included to help you understand the lectures easily.


Intended learning outcomes 

On completion, you are expected to be:

  • Able to describe the development and challenges of individual special needs across the world
  • Able to identify types of learners with special needs and disabilities
  • Able to use tools and interventions to assist special needs individuals in education
  • Able to apply teaching strategies in planning and crafting learning material for individuals with special needs
  • Able to create an optimal learning environment for persons with special needs
  • Able to critically think from a global perspective about solutions to break educational barriers faced by persons with special needs today
  • Able to practice inclusivity in any contexts

Are you parents of children with autism? 

Are you teachers of children with dyslexia? 

Are you school coordinators embracing children with special needs in your mainstream classrooms?

Are you trying to learn about special needs? 

We have got you covered. 

Global SEN Academy desires to create a fair education system for individuals with special needs, and we are passionate about making our special education academy a globally accessible platform for everyone.

With our experienced professionals who all specialize in special needs education from various countries – US, Kenya, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore, we are certain and passionate about training you in the specialisation in special education. The courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and skills, to guide you in becoming a successful teacher, a parent, a caregiver or a person interacting with person with special needs.

Initiate the effort to become a more compassionate, communicative and effective teacher for your children or individuals with special needs with us now! Sign up here.

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